Holidays: Halloween

Halloween Games

Halloween is one of the best celebrations of the year. We've got lots of online Halloween games featuring ghosts and other spooky creatures. Play action games, puzzle games and racing games all with a Halloween theme. Play your way to a Happy Halloween!

Halloween Game: Monster Tower
Monster Tower
Halloween Game: Pumpkin Shot
Pumpkin Shot
Online Halloween Game: Zombi Soccer
Zombie Soccer
Online Halloween Game: Mad Skeletons
Mad Skeletons
Online Halloween Game: Monster Bash
Monster Bash
Halloween Game: Halloween Breaker
Halloween Breaker
Online Halloween Game: Silly Ghosts
Silly Ghosts
Online Dressup Game: Button's Halloween
Button's Halloween
Racing Game: Zombie Night Ride
Zombie Night Ride
Halloween Game: Witch Dress Up
Witch Dress Up
Halloween Game: Halloween Swipe
Halloween Swipe
Halloween Game: Pretty Monster Dress Up
Pretty Monster Dress Up
Halloween Game: Pumpkin Hide and Seek
Pumpkin Hide and Seek
Puzzle Game: Water Monsters
Water Monsters
Halloween Game: Pumpkin Decorating
Pumpkin Decorating
Online Halloween Game: Patcha's Halloween
Patcha's Halloween
2 Player Game: Zombubble
Halloween Game: Night Cast
Night Cast
Online Halloween Game: Ghost Quest
Ghost Quest
Online Halloween Game: Monster Hatch
Monster Hatch
Online Halloween Game: Monster Shop
Monster Shop
Online Halloween Game: Haunted House
Haunted House
Online Halloween Game: Creepy Crossword
Creepy Crossword
Halloween Game: Bo
Online Halloween Game: Save The Candy
Save The Candy
Online Halloween Game: Pumpkin Battle
Pumpkin Battle
Online Halloween Game: Hallow Man
Hallow Man
Online Halloween Game: Witches Brew
Witches Brew
Online Halloween Game: Haunted Hybrid
Haunted Hybrid
Online Halloween Game: Candy Magic
Candy Magic
Online Halloween Game: Truck or Treat
Truck or Treat
Online Halloween Game: Pumpkin Patterns
Pumpkin Patterns
Online Halloween Game: Halloween Jack
Halloween Jack
Online Halloween Game: Hallowe'en Smash
Halloween Smash
Online Halloween Game: Halloweeeen

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