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Free Christmas Games

Free Online Game: Catch The Candy Xmas
Catch The Candy Xmas
Free Online Game: Winter Adventures
Winter Adventures
Free Online Game: Jump For Fun
Jump For Fun
Free Online Game: Christmas Puzzles
Christmas Puzzles

Free Online Game: My Christmas Tree
My Christmas Tree
Free Online Game: Cute Snowman
Cute Snowman
Free Online Game: Santa Paparazzi
Santa Paparazzi
Free Online Game: Happy New Snake
Happy New Snake
Free Online Game: Find The Candy Winter
Find The Candy Winter
Free Online Game: Present...ing!
Free Online Game: Hide and Seek Christmas
Hide and Seek Christmas
Free Online Game: Snowman Shot
Snowman Shot
Free Online Game: Christmas Three
Christmas Three
Free Online Game: Crazy Christmas
Crazy Christmas
Free Online Game: Santa Truck Ride
Santa Truck Ride
Free Online Game: Xmas Blox
Xmas Blox
Free Online Game: Get the Toy
Get the Toy
Free Online Game: Holiday Pogo
Holiday Pogo
Free Online Game: New Year's Eve Party
New Year's Eve Party
Free Online Game: Xmas Bash
Xmas Bash
Free Online Game: Santa On Skates
Santa On Skates
Free Online Game: Color Santa
Color Santa
Free Online Game: Gingerbread Man Dress Up
Gingerbread Man Dress Up
Free Online Game: Santa Fun Bike
Santa Fun Bike
Free Online Game: Looting Santa
Looting Santa
Free Online Game: Christmas Stocking
Christmas Stocking
Free Online Game: Christmas Breaker
Christmas Breaker
Free Online Game: Dress Up Santa
Dress Up Santa
Free Online Game: Christmas Jump
Christmas Jump
Free Online Game: Christmas Decorating
Christmas Decorating
Free Online Game: Xmas Swipe
Xmas Swipe
Free Online Game: Santa's Quest
Santa's Quest
Free Online Game: Winter Savior
Winter Savior
Free Online Game: Christmas Tree Coloring
Christmas Tree Coloring
Free Online Game: Christmas Match 3
Christmas Match 3
Free Online Game: Gift Rush
Gift Rush
Free Online Game: Christmas Plates
Christmas Plates
Free Online Game: Christmas Dress Up
Christmas Dress Up

The following Chirstmas Games may contain links to other game sites:

Christmas Game: Winter Bow Master
Winter Bow Master
Christmas Game: Rudolf's Revenge
Rudolf's Revenge
Christmas Game: Super Santa Ski Jump
Super Santa Ski Jump
Christmas Game: Snowball!
Christmas Game: Night Before Christmas
Night Before Christmas
Christmas Game: Snoring 2
Snoring 2
Christmas Game: Dream Christmas Link
Dream Christmas Link
Christmas Game: Snow Line
Snow Line
Christmas Game: Penquin Push
Penguin Push
Racing Game: Santa Rider 3
Santa Rider 3
Christmas Game: Save The Dummy
Save the Dummy
Christmas Game: Xmas Blox
Xmas Blox
Christmas Game: Gift Wrapped
Gift Wrapped
Christmas Game: Finding Santa
Finding Santa
Christmas Game: Go Santa!
Go Santa!
Christmas Game: 12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Christmas
Christmas Game: Christmas Cooking
Christmas Cooking
Christmas Game: Christmas Dinner
Christmas Dinner
Christmas Game: Gingerbread House
Gingerbread House
Christmas Game: Deep Freeze
Deep Freeze
Christmas Game: Xmas Chains
XMas Chains

Play our Christmas games. All these games are free to play. Our kids games are fun and challenging. Whether you like action, puzzle, racing or sports games you'll find them here. All the games on this page have a Christmas theme. Play your way to a Merry Christmas with our free games!

... more Christmas fun.

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