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Action Game: Princess GoldBlade and The Dangerous Waters
Princess GoldBlade
Action Game: Panda Love
Panda Love
Action Game: Whooly
Action Game: Don't Crash
Don't Crash
Action Game: Cupid Loveheart
Cupid Loveheart
Action Game: From The Dark
From The Dark
Action Game: Mr. Cube
Mr. Cube
Action Game:Afra Fly
Afra Fly
Action Game: Hit The UFO
Hit The UFO
Action Game: Everwinter
Action Game: Mango Mania
Mango Mania
Action Game: Treasure Tower Trouble
Treasure Tower Trouble
Action Game: Candy Monsters
Candy Monsters

Action Game: Stealth Bound
Stealth Bound
Action Game: Temple Glider
Temple Glider
Action Game: Rainbow
Action Game: Thrill Rush
Thrill Rush
Action Game: Tumble Stump 2
Tumble Stump 2
Action Game: Red Beard
Red Beard
Action Game: Mimelet
Action Game: Cable Capers
Cable Capers
Action Game: Cave of Despair
Cave of Despair
Adventue Game: 3 Foot Ninja
3 Foot NInja
Action Game: 3 Foot Ninja 2
3 Foot Ninja II
Action Game: Acid Factory
Acid Factory
Action Game: Monkey Lander
Monkey Lander
Action Game: Panik
Action Game: Pharaoh's Tomb
Pharaoh's Tomb
Action Game: XRaye
Action Game: Zed
Action Game: UFO Joe
Action Game: AGent Freeride
Agent Freeride
Action Game: Sweetland
Sweet Land
Action Games: Rubble Trouble
Rubble Trouble
Action Game: Rubble Trouble Tokyo
Rubble Trouble Tokyo
Action Game: Rail Rush
Rail Rush
Action Game: You're Toast
You're Toast

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Action games are awesome and what makes these games even more awesome is that they're free games. You don't even have to watch an ad before you can begin playing them! These games will have you jumping off platforms, fighting baddies, exploring new lands and collecting treasure! Pick a game and get ready to challenge yourself in an all new adventure. Check out all our cool games for boys and girls. Squiglys is the place to be for kids games!

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