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These brain teasers have been submitted by our visitors from all around the world. These quiz questions are fun for the brain and will puzzle you for some time.

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  1. A thief was brought before a king to receive his punishment. The king, feeling merciful, asked the thief how he would like to die. The thief told him, and the king let him go. How did the thief wish to die?

  2. One man shows another the portrait of a gentleman and tells him: I have neither brothers nor sisters, but this man's father is the son of my father. Who is the man in the painting?

  3. Two mothers and two daughters went out to eat, everyone ate one burger, yet only three burgers were eaten in all. How is this possible?

  4. You're in a room with 3 light switches. Next to your room is another room with the door closed. Inside that room are 3 lights. You do not know which switch controls which light. How can you figure out which switch controls which light? You can only enter the room with the lights once.

  5. You are in a bathroom with stone walls and no windows. You start to run a bath when the handles come off and there is no way of turning the tap off. You can't escape because the door is locked and there are no windows. The room will flood and you will drown. How can you save yourself?

  6. You leave home and go to your right. You reach a corner and turn left. You reach another corner and turn left again. You reach another corner and turn left again and go home. When you get there, there is a person with a mask there waiting for you. What's happening?

  7. A man is lying dead in the middle of a clearing, in the middle of a forest, in the middle of a puddle, in a scuba suit. How did he die?

  8. A man and his wife were driving in a car, when the wife's behaviour caused him to stop the car and rush to the nearest house. When he returned to the car, he found his poor wife at death's door and there was a stranger in the car with her. When the police arrived, they did not arrest or even question the stranger. How come?

  9. Three girls are taking a bull to the zoo when their car brakes down. They motion for a guy to pull over. They ask to use his phone to call the zoo. He agrees, but says it would cost them $1 for every word. They only had $1 dollar. They paid the man and five minutes later the zoo was there. What was the one word used?

  10. Two men went to a pet store to buy a puppy. The first man paid $10 and the clerk asked him if he would like a poodle, a labrador, or a golden retriever. The man chose a poodle. The other man gave the clerk $10. The clerk gave the man a golden retriever. The clerk and man both said nothing. How did the clerk know what the man wanted?

  11. A man was outside taking a walk, when it started to rain. The man didn't have an umbrella and he wasn't wearing a hat. His clothes got soaked, yet not a single hair on his head got wet. How could this happen?

  12. There are eight chairs around a table. There is a mom, grandpa, sister, brother, aunt, grandma, uncle, another sister, another mom, another brother, a dad, a father-in-law, a mother-in-law, another dad and one more uncle. They're all seated comfortably. How is this possible with only eight chairs?

  13. A miller asks to marry the king's daughter. The king makes a deal with the miller and says he will write "Yes," on one card and "No" on another card. The miller will have to draw one card in front of the whole village. The night before the miller was to draw the card he heard that the king was going to write no on both cards. How can the miller be sure he gets to marry the king's daughter?

  14. A farmer has a sack of grain, a chicken and a fox. He has to get them across the river and he can't go around or fly but he does have a boat. He can only take one thing at a time across the river. How can he get them across?

  15. You are coming back from a vacation. You want to go to village A. People from Village A always tell the truth, never lie. People from Village B always lie and never tell the truth. So, you come across two paths one leads to village A and the other leads to village B. You don't know which is which. A person comes from behind you. You don't know whether he is from village A or B. What can you ask him to choose the right path to village A?

  16. This is an unusual paragraph. I'm curious how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it. It looks so plain you would think nothing was wrong with it. In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is unusual though. Study it, and think about it, but you still may not find anything odd. But if you work at it a bit, you might find out.

  17. A boy is stuck on a deserted island. There is a bridge to connect the island to the mainland. Halfway across the bridge there is a guard. The guard will not let anyone from the mainland to the island, or anyone from the island to the mainland. If the guard catches someone, he sends him or her back. The guard sleeps for 30 seconds and then is awake for 5 minutes. The island is surrounded by man-eating sharks, and the boy does not have anything with him except for his own shirt and his pants. It takes the boy 1 minute to cross the bridge. How does he cross the bridge without getting caught?

  18. AJ, Celeste, Juan, Kara, Lily, and Randy all live on Redwood Avenue. Each of their house numbers has three digits, but the only digits in their house numbers are 2, 3, 5, and 6. The same digit may appear in one address more than once.
    AJ’s house number is Juan’s house number doubled.
    Juan lives next to Lily and right across from Randy.
    Randy’s number is the lowest on the street.
    Celeste’s number is a higher number than AJ’s but has the same three digits as his. They both have the same digit in the hundreds place.
    Kara’s house number is the reverse of Juan’s.
    What is each person’s street address?

  19. There was once a lazy man. His father was angry that he did not help in the fields and gave him a task to accomplish. He asked his son to bring him something to eat, something to drink, something to feed the pig and something that would grow a crop, all contained in one item. What did the son bring his father?

  20. One fine day in the middle of the night
    Two dead men got up to fight
    Back to back they faced each other
    Drew their swords and shot each other!
    What is wrong with this?

  21. 500 at the beginning, 500 at the end,
    5 in the middle is seen,
    The first of all letters, the first of all figures
    Take up their stations between,
    String them all together, and you will see
    The name of an ancient king.

  22. An old man wanted to leave all of his money to one of his three sons, but he didn't know which one he should give it to. He gave each of them a few coins and told them to buy something that would be able to fill their living room. The first man bought straw, but there was not enough to fill the room. The second bought some sticks, but they still did not fill the room. The third man bought two things that filled the room, so he obtained his father's fortune. What were the two things that the man bought and what was able to fill the room?

  23. How many of each kind of animal did Moses take on the ark?

  24. What is the only word in the English language that has 6 letters, all in alphabetical order?

  25. A cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays for three days, then leaves on Friday. How did he do it?


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We have lots more puzzles to provide fun for your brain. Choose from the following brain games: Clever Brain Teasers, Detective Mysteries, Math Games, Poem Riddles, Rebus Puzzles & What Am I Questions. Have fun solving these quiz questions.

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