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Our crafts for kids are fun and easy to make. Most of the crafts can be made from items you have in your craft cupboard or can be purchased inexpensively. We have easy and fun crafts for each of the holidays and seasons too! You'll find many fun things to do here!

Seasonal Crafts for Kids:

Autumn Crafts, Christmas Crafts, Earth Day Crafts, Easter Crafts, Father's Day Crafts, Halloween Crafts, Mother's Day Crafts, Spring Crafts, St. Patrick's Day Crafts, Summer Crafts, Thanksgiving Crafts & Valentine's Crafts.

Craft: Grow A Litte Love Make these pretty flowers. Craft: Popsicle Frames Frame your special photos in a fun Popsicle Stick Frame.
Craft: Spring Butterflies Make these cute butterflies out of pom-poms and pipe cleaners. Craft: Bingo

Print these bingo cards. We have two kinds.
Nature Bingo cards
Travel Bingo cards

Craft: Mirrors Decorated Mirrors are a great way to add some fun to your reflection. Craft Idea: Learn To Draw A Girl's Face Follow the easy instructions to learn how to draw a girl's face.
Craft: Alphabet Book Make an Alphabet Book for a special young person in your life. Craft: Learn to Draw a Boy's Face Follow the easy instructions to learn how to draw a boy's face.
Craft: Bird Supply Box Help the birds with their nest building by giving them some of the things they need. Craft: Cooite Catchers Tell your friend's fortunes with a Cootie Catcher.
Craft: Braided Bracelets Make a braided bracelet. Craft: Decorate a Jar Decorate a jar to hold your favorite things.
Craft: Clay Marbles Make your own Marbles. Craft: Decorate a Flower Pot Paint some clay flower pots! Use them to decorate your garden or gift them to someone special.
Craft: Make New Crayons Turn your old crayons into new ones! Craft: Skipping Make Susan's Jump Rope.
Craft: Feed the Insects Make an insect feeder and watch which amazing creatures come to have a drink. Craft: Hummingbird Feed the hummingbirds.
Craft: Make Your Own Bubbles Make your own super duper bubble recipe. Craft: Name Plate Label your space with your own nameplate.
Craft: Playdough Cook up some scented play dough. Craft: Piggy Bank Save your coins in a papier mâché piggy bank.
Craft: Modeling Clay Modeling dough that really works! Craft: Pinwheel Make a pinwheel.
Craft: Styrofoam Sculptures Feeling creative? Make some sculptures made from styrofoam. Craft: Rain Maker Love the sound of the rain? Make your own rainmaker.
Craft: Placemats Personalized place mats! Fun to make and fun to give. Craft: Stained Glass Pretty 'Stained Glass' window decorations made out of paper.
Craft: Scarecrow Celebrate autumn by making this cute little scarecrow. Craft: Tie Dye Tie-dye a t-shirt.
Craft: Make a Scrapbook Create a unique scrapbook of your favourite photos! Craft: Snowflake Let it snow, let it snow, with these snowflakes you make yourself.
Craft: Stepping Stone Garden stepping stones are fun to make and will look great in your garden year after year! Craft: Bug Rock Add a touch of fun to your garden with Painted Rocks.
Craft: Make Your Own Wildlife Scene Go wild! Make a wildlife scene. Craft: Bath Salts Make some bath salts for someone special.
Craft: Hearts Hearts are fun to make any time. Write special messages on them or use them to decorate. Craft: Leaves Make art with leaves!
Craft: Print a Birthday Certificate Print a birthday certificate for a friend and frame it any way you want. Craft: Button Flowers Make some lovely button flowers for someone special.
Craft: Make your Own Bookends Make bookends for your room. Craft: Can Phones Did you know you could make a telephone out of two cans and some string? Try it!
... and more!
Easy and Fun Recipes for Kids!
Easy Recipe: Chocolate Pound Cake Make this delicious Chocolate Pound Cake. Easy Recipe: Carmel Popcorn Try this yummy recipe for caramel popcorn!
Easy Recipe: Cookies Delicious recipe for sugar cookies.    
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We have lots of craft ideas for kids. Try some of these arts & crafts: Crafts, Autumn Crafts, Christmas Crafts, Earth Day Crafts, Easter Crafts, Father's Day Crafts, Halloween Crafts, Mother's Day Crafts, Spring Crafts, St. Patrick's Day Crafts, Summer Crafts, Thanksgiving Crafts & Valentine's Crafts. These activities for children will provide hours of fun.

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