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Craft: Valentine's Wreath

To make this fun craft for someone special, or to just decorate your home for Valentine's Day, complete these easy steps.

What you need:

Supplies needed to make Valentine Wreath

What you do:

  1. Ask an adult to help you get started. With pointed scissors, cut the centre from the paper plate.
    Plate Cutouts
  2. Using the scissors, poke a small hole through the rim of the plate, and attach a ribbon for hanging. You may want to ask an adult to help you.
  3. Cut hearts of various sizes from the construction paper.
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  4. Glue or tape hearts to the front of the plate. Make sure to cover the entire surface.
    Craft: Valentine's Wreath
  5. Be as creative as you like by writing messages on the hearts, using glitter or other craft supplies.
    Craft: Valentine's Wreath

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