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Autumn Craft: Fall Lights

Fall Lights

Celebrate the arrival of fall with these decorated mason jars which you can light up by placing tea lights inside. We have provided craft instructions for the jars we made, but feel free to be as creative as you like with these fall decorations!

What you need:

Mason jars of varying sizes
Tissue paper, we used red, green, gold, yellow and orange
Construction paper, we used brown, red, orange and yellow
White glue with a little water added
Paint brush
Paper plate or plastic lid.
Votive candles
Gold glitter glue

What you do:

1. Lay newspaper out on the table so that any spills are easy to clean up.
2. Gather mason jars and make sure they are clean inside and out. Remove any labels if they are present.
3. Cut tissue paper in small squares.
4. Pour some white glue onto your plate or lid and mix with a small amount of water to thin the glue. Mix well. With a paintbrush, brush some glue onto the jar. Lay a square of tissue paper onto the spot with glue. Cover the piece of tissue paper with more glue. Overlap squares and continue until the outside of the jar is covered. Allow to dry overnight.
5. Place votive candle in the bottom of the jar. Ask an adult to help you light the candle. Or you can fill your jar with candy or use it as a pencil holder.
For the colorful fall trees:
6. Use red, orange, yellow, green and gold tissue paper to cover the jar.
7. After the tissue is dry, cut out a tree from brown construction paper. Make sure the tree will fit on the jar. Glue this onto the front of the jar.
 For the fall jar:
8. Cover the jar in red and orange tissue paper squares.
9. After the tissue is dry, write "Fall" on the front of the jar using the gold glitter glue.
For the gold leaf jar:
10. Use gold colored tissue paper when covering the jar.
11. Cut leaves out of red, orange and yellow construction paper. Make sure they will fit around the jar. Glue them on so that they cover each 'side' of the jar.

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