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Craft: Diorama Wildlife Scenes

Create your own wildlife scenes using pictures of animals found in old magazines. You can also use this same method to create nature and action scenes. This is a lovely craft to make on a rainy afternoon.

What you need:

What you do:

  1. To make the base for your scene cut a square big enough to fit your wildlife scene and paint the top an appropriate colour. Green for grass, grey for gravel, brown for dirt.
  2. Roughly cut around pictures of animals found in old magazines. See example 1.
  3. Glue the pictures onto box board and allow to dry.
  4. Using a ruler draw a rectangle below the feet. See example 2.
  5. Carefully cut through all layers around the outline of the figure.
  6. Make a cut in the rectangle between the feet at the bottom of the animal. Bend one half forward and the other half back. See example 3. Glue onto your base.
  7. If the animal is too shaky, glue a triangle of cardboard on the back. See example 4.