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Alphabet Book Craft

Alphabet Book Craft

Is someone in your family having a baby? Do you know a toddler celebrating a birthday? This is a lovely craft to make and give as a gift. It's personal and educational too! Collect family photos and organize them alphabetically.

What you need:

What you do:

  1. From magazines and catalogues, cut out each letter of the alphabet in various sizes, colours and fonts. Be sure to include upper case and lower case samples of each letter. Beginning on the first page peel back the clear plastic cover of the page and afix each letter of the alphabet. Page number one is for A, next page B, and so on until you are at Z. If your photo album has more pages you might want to include counting pictures as well.
  2. Now start cutting out pictures from the magazines and catalogues. Get at least 4-5 pictures of objects starting with each letter of the alphabet. Don't forget you can include colours, numbers and shapes, red for the R page, two for the T page, ovals for the O page, and so on. Let your creativity take over.
  3. Go through some old photographs and cut out pictures of people related to the child you are making the book for. Then put the pictures on the correct page. Mommy's picture will go on the M page, Aunt Janice's picture will go on the J page and so on.
  4. If you do have extra pages in the photo album, either remove them or turn them into counting pages or colour pages.
  5. To finish, sign and date the inside cover of the book. You might like to include a poem or dedication to the child for whom you made the book.