Coloring Pages: Easter

Squigly's Easter Coloring Pages

Squigly's has lots of awesome coloring pages for you to choose from. Click on the picture you'd like to color and the page will open. Use the print button on your tool bar or the Print command in the File menu. If you'd like to do some online coloring, click on the flower (online coloring ) that appears next to a picture and you'll be taken to an online coloring page.

Coloring Page: Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunt
Coloring Page: Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny
Coloring Page: Bunny Painting
Bunny Painting
Coloring Page: Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday
Coloring Page: Duck and BasketColor this picture online!
Duck and Basket

Easter Egg
Coloring Page: Chick Sitting on EggsColor this picture online!
Chick Sitting on Eggs
Coloring Page: Bunnies
Easter Coloring Page: Bunny Sitting on Grass
Bunny Sitting on Grass
Ester Coloring Page: Easter Mom
Easter Mom
Coloring Page: Easter Basket
Easter Basket
Easter Coloring Page: Four Easter Eggs
Four Easter Eggs
Coloring Page: Bunny HopColor this picture online!
Bunny Hop
Coloring Page: Bunny Holding Large EggColor this picture online!
Bunny Holding Egg
Easter Coloring Page: Easter Egg
Easter Egg
Easter Coloring Page: Easter Party
Easter Party
Coloring Page: Bunny RunColor this picture online!
Bunny Run
Coloring Page: Duck HatchingColor this picture online!
Duck Hatching
Coloring Page: Easter Monring
Easter Morning
Easter Coloring Page: Easter Bunny Hopping
Easter Bunny Hopping
Coloring Page: Bunny HugColor this picture online!
Bunny Hug
Easter Coloring Page: Lion and The Lamb
Lion and The Lamb
Coloring Page: Bunny HatchingColor this picture online!
Bunny Hatching
Easter Coloring Page: Easter Boy
Easter Boy
Easter Coloring Page: Easter Girl
Easter Girl
Coloring Page: Costume  bunnies
Costume Bunnies

Coloring Page: Easter Bread
Easter Bread

Coloring Page: Boy and Girl
Boy and Girl
Coloring Page: Easter Hen
Easter Hen
Coloring Page: Hiding Eggs
Hiding Eggs
Coloring Page: Easter Treats
Easter Treats
Coloring Page: Spring ChicksColor this picture online!
Spring Chicks
Easter Coloring Page: Three Rabbits
Three Rabbits
Coloring Page: Mr and Mrs Bunny
Mr. & Mrs. Bunny
Coloring Page: Bunny Painting EggColor this picture online!
Bunny Painting Egg
Coloring Page: He is Risen
He is Risen
Coloring Page: Fancy Basket
Fancy Basket
Coloring Page: Miss Bunny
Miss Bunny

... more Easter fun.

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