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Craft Ideas

Fun craft ideas for kids. Each craft includes a list of supplies and instructions to mkae the craft. Squigly's has craft ideas for all the seasons and holidays too!
Button Flowers Craft Button Flowers

Make some pretty button flowers!
Play Dough Craft Play Dough

Cook up some scented and colorful play dough with ingredients found in your kitchen.
Name Plates Craft Name Plates

Make a nameplate for your door or room!
Paper Mache Piggy Bank Craft Paper Mache Piggy Bank

Save your coins in a papier mache piggy bank.
Butterflies Craft Butterflies

Make these cute butterflies out of pompoms and pipe cleaners.
Wildlife Scenes Craft Wildlife Scenes

Go wild! Make a wildlife scene.
Modeling Clay Craft Modeling Clay

Make your own modeling clay and then form it into anything you like!
Leaf Art Craft Leaf Art

Make art with leaves!
Foam Sculptures Craft Foam Sculptures

Feeling creative? Make sculptures made from packing peanuts.
Rain Maker Craft Rain Maker

Love the sound of the rain? Build your own rainmaker.
Make Your Own Tie Dye T-Shirt Craft Make Your Own Tie Dye T-Shirt

Everything you need to know to tie-dye your own clothes!
Decorate a Flowerpot Craft Decorate a Flowerpot

Paint some clay flower pots! Use them to decorate your garden or give them to someone special.
Marbles Craft Marbles

Make your own marbles.
Alphabet Book Craft Alphabet Book

Make an alphabet book filled with special pictures for someone young!
Super Duper Bubble Solution Craft Super Duper Bubble Solution

Make your own super duper bubble solution.
Braided Bracelets Craft Braided Bracelets

Make braided bracelets for yourself and your friends!
Learn To Draw A Girl's Face Craft Learn To Draw A Girl's Face

Follow the instructions and learn how to draw a girl's face.
Learn To Draw A Boy's Face Craft Learn To Draw A Boy's Face

Follow the easy instructions to learn how to draw a boy's face.
Personalized Placemats Craft Personalized Placemats

Personalized place mats are fun to make and fun to give.
Grow A Little Love Craft Grow A Little Love

Make these pretty flowers to cheer up any room!
Popsicle Stick Photo Frames Craft Popsicle Stick Photo Frames

Display your special photos in a colorful frame.
Cootie Catchers Craft Cootie Catchers

Tell your friend's fortunes with a Cootie Catcher.
Car Bingo Cards Craft Car Bingo Cards

Print and use these fun Bingo cards to help pass the time while you travel.
Twirling Pinwheel Craft Twirling Pinwheel

Make a pinwheel and watch it twirl in the wind.
Decorated Jars Craft Decorated Jars

Decorate a jar to hold your favorite things.
Birthday Certificate Craft Birthday Certificate

Make a birthday certificate for yourself or a friend!
Hearts Craft Hearts

Hearts are fun to make any time. Write special messages on them and send them to friends or decorate with them!
Painted Rocks Craft Painted Rocks

Add a touch of fun to your garden with painted rocks.
Stained Glass Window Craft Stained Glass Window

Pretty 'Stained Glass' window decorations made out of paper.
Decorated Mirrors Craft Decorated Mirrors

These pretty mirrors are fun to make. They are a great craft for birthday parties!
Bookends Craft Bookends

Make your own bookends to keep your shelves, desk and room organized.
Perfect Snowflakes Craft Perfect Snowflakes

Let it snow, let it snow, with these snowflakes you make yourself.
Bath Salts Craft Bath Salts

These baths salts are lovely in a warm bath. Make them for yourself or someone special!
Nesting Supply Box For Birds Craft Nesting Supply Box For Birds

Help the birds with their nest building by giving them some of the things they need.
Scarecrow Craft Scarecrow

Celebrate autumn by making this cute little scarecrow.
Snowman Tic Tac Toe Craft Snowman Tic Tac Toe

Make your own tic tac toe game!
Cork Boats Craft Cork Boats

These cute little cork boats float in the water. They are an easy and fun craft to make. Why not make a whole bunch?
Scrapbook Craft Scrapbook

Create a unique scrapbook of your favourite photos!
Nature Bingo cards Craft Nature Bingo cards

Make going on walks even more fun by playing nature Bingo!
Portable Telephone Craft Portable Telephone

Did you know you could make a telephone out of two cans and some string? We'll show you how!


Recipes for kids that invite learning and produce yummy treats for the whole family can enjoy!
Nestled Kisses Recipe Nestled Kisses

Chocolate and peanut butter nestled kisses cookies. Yummy!
Truffles Recipe Truffles

Truffles are easy to make and delicious to eat.
Caramel Popcorn Recipe Caramel Popcorn

Make this deliciously sweet recipe for Caramel Popcorn.
Chocolate Pound Cake Recipe Chocolate Pound Cake

Make this delicious Chocolate Pound Cake.
Jellybean Bark Recipe Jellybean Bark

The combination of smooth chocolate and sweet and sour jellybeans is a taste sensation that you'll love!

We've got lots of easy craft ideas for kids. Each craft comes with a list of all the things you'll need to successfully complete the craft as well as detailed instructions to make the craft. Pictures are available for each craft.

These crafts for kids are fun and easy to make. We have crafts for winter, spring, summer and fall as well as all the holidays including Valentine's Day crafts, St. Patrick's Day crafts, Easter crafts, Earth Day crafts, Mother's Day crafts, Father's Day crafts, Back to School crafts, Halloween crafts, Thanksgiving crafts and Christmas crafts.

We've tried to keep the list of supplies small and picked ones that should be readily available at your local craft supply store and in most cases even the dollar store. Enjoy an afternoon or morning of crafting with your friends. Many of these easy craft ideas are fun to make at birthday parties!

Let's get crafting!

We have lots of craft ideas for kids. Try some of these arts & crafts: Crafts, Autumn Crafts, Christmas Crafts, Earth Day Crafts, Easter Crafts, Father's Day Crafts, Halloween Crafts, Mother's Day Crafts, Spring Crafts, St. Patrick's Day Crafts, Summer Crafts, Thanksgiving Crafts, Valentine's Crafts & Winter Crafts These activities for children will provide hours of fun.