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You'll find lots of fun things to do here. Including cool kids games, awesome arts and craft ideas and funny jokes and riddles and lots of other fun brain games for kids. Our printable puzzles and coloring pages are all free! Pick a category and start exploring our fun web site for kids!

Play Cool Kids Games!

Kids Game: Bone Collector
Bone Collector
Kids Game: Candy Elves
Candy Elves
Kids Game: Cloud Jumper
Cloud Jumper
Kids Game: 2D World
2D World
Kids Game: Peng Peng
Peng Peng
Kids Game: Marblelicious
Kids Game: Farmyard Memory
Farmyard Memory
Kids Game: Rollin Paint 2
Rollin Paint 2
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Jokes That Will Make You LOL!

Q:   Why are rivers so rich?
A:   Because they have 2 banks.
Q:   What book can you look in to find words that are not true?
A:   The fiction-ary!
Knock, knock
Who's there?
Atch who?
Hold on, I have to sneeze!
Italy got Hungary, ate Turkey, slipped in Greece, broke China, went shopping in Iceland and got eaten by Whales.
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Craft: Christmas Tree Light
Christmas Tree Light
Craft: Christmas Cookies
Christmas Cookies
Craft: Glitter Pine Cones
Glitter Pine Cones
Craft: Nestled Kisses
Nestled Kisses
Craft: Snowman Tic Tac Toe
Snowman Tic Tac Toe
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Coloring Pages

Coloring Page: Church
Coloring Page: Bell
Coloring Page: Too Much Snow!
Too Much Snow!
Coloring Page: Skating Party
Skating Party
Coloring Page: Nativity
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Brain Teasers

What 9 letter English word is still a word each time you take away a letter?


Mad Libs!

Holiday Fun

Fun activities for the holidays

Brain Games: Puzzles

Brain Game: New Year Secret Code
New Year Secret Code
Brain Game: Christmas Crossword
Christmas Crossword
Brain Game: Winter Riddler
Winter Riddler
Brain Game: Santa Spot the Difference
Santa Spot the Difference
Brain Game: Winter Alphabet Puzzle
Winter Alphabet Puzzle
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We are so glad you are here. Our activities are fun and entertaining and can be used free of charge in the classroom and at home. We have cool kids games including action, racing, puzzle, dress up, 2 player and even math and cooking games. These games do not require watching an ad before game play. We have awesome arts and craft ideas and funny jokes and riddles and knock knock jokes. Our printable brain games, puzzles and coloring pages are all free too! We love to celebrate the seasons and holidays so you will find lots of fun activities for each.
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